Camanchaca gets MSC certification for langostino fishery

Apr 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

Chilean seafood supplier Pesquera Camanchaca has recently achieved the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for its langostino lobster.

Only five fisheries in South America have managed to obtain this coveted certification so far. In Chile, Camanchaca is only the second fishery to reach this milestone, ensuring that the langostino fishery does not harm other species living on the seabed.

“While Camanchaca has always been a responsible fishing and aquaculture company, we have found that demonstrating our dedication to sustainable practices has become increasingly important as our customers become more environmentally conscious,” said Bert Bachmann, president of Camanchaca’s US division.

“Our team is committed to doing what it takes to maintain this distinction and managing our fishery in the most sustainable way possible,” said Gonzalo Fernandez, fisheries division manager of Camanchaca. The certification is valid for five years but will be reviewed yearly.

The process to achieve this certification is very comprehensive. It includes an initial analysis to secure participation in the MSC initiative, a complete evaluation of the langostino fishery, and company training to then implement the sustainable process.

In a recent interview with Undercurrent NewsBachmann stressed that Camanchaca has been progressively diversifying its offering.